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Beej's Pirate Image Archive

A pirate image archive with more links at the bottom. Список ресурсов без аннотаций.

Charting Neptune's realm: from classical mythology to satellite imagery

"This site focuses on the on-line version of an exhibition held at the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education, University of Southern Maine, April 200 to Jan 2001. The stated aim is to answer the questions: "What is there that can be delineated on the vast trackless ocean?" and "How did the notation arise and develop?". There are 24 exhibits in the historical sections, mostly charts, supplemented by navigational instruments, and other items. The section on the modern recording of transitory features has 23 exhibits." История навигации и морской картографии.

European Government Agencies Dealing with Shipwrecks

"Each country has its own authorities dealing with underwater archaeology, wreck registration, and diving regulations. This is a short list mainly of European authorities, agencies, organisations, institutes, contacts and legislation. In some cases, interesting or relevant link lists have also been included." Список ресурсов по странам.

Glamorous Six Masters

"The webpage is dedicated to the six-masted schooner. Ten of these majestic vessels were built in America during the twilight of the Age of Sail, between 1900 and 1909. With their simplicity of rigging, they needed smaller crews and thus were economical to operate and compete with steam-powered vessels." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Mother of All Maritime Links

"John's Nautical Links List." Большой список ресурсов.

NAVIS: A Database of Ancient Ship Archaeology

"This is an extensive database of European shipwreck resources. The aim of the project is to create a multilevel international database for ancient ships of Europe. The webpage includes an impressive list of nautical terms, with translations in a number of languages. It has a dynamic graphic-oriented user interface, giving acces to the database by clicking on images of the ship itself." База данных.


"A National Geographic pirate site for kids, including a Blackbeard link, among others." 1997 г., многие ссылки устарели.


"A site dedicated to tall ships: schooners, brigs, brigantines, and barks. The site has lots of beautiful pictures and information, and links to various tall ships and maritime history sites." Большой каталог кораблей.

Ships of Antiquity

"Contained here is information about ancient ships arranged by subject. This includes Egyptian ships and boats, ceremonial vessels, the solar barque of Khufu, galleons, Solomon’s navy, Queen Hatshepsut’s expedition to Punt, and Greek and Roman ancient vessels. Each page is illustrated with photographs and images of paintings and artefacts. There are also two bibliographies and links to related sites. This material has been produced by the Comstock Sculpture Studio, Colorado." Корабли древнего Египта, Греции и Рима.

Ships of Discovery, underwater archaeology and shipwrecks

"Officially came into being as an underwater archaeology research institute in 1989, but our research into shipwrecks, shipbuilding techniques, exploration history, and artifact conservation began many years before when we were enthusiastic and determined graduate students." Выставки, исследования, раскопки, новости, публикации, консервация находок, экспериментальная археология, изготовление копий артефактов, вакансии, родственные ресурсы.

World War II Landing Craft Tanks

"This page contains a wealth of information on WWII landing crafts and the men who served on them. This webpage details the history of the LCT's, and has links, images, information on the ships, email newsletters, and much more."

Wreck Databases and Lists

"Though not a listing of shipwrecks, this directory includes maritime museums, record offices, archives, and historical societies accross the world." Список ресурсов с краткими аннотациями.



"Dutch ship from 1606, built in Australia." История корабля и постройки его копии.


Cutty Sark

King William Walk, Greenwich, London SE10 9HT, Phone +44 (0)20 8858 3445, Fax +44 (0)20 8853 3589. "On the afternoon of Monday, 22nd November, 1869, a beautiful little clipper ship of 963 tons was launched from Scott and Linton's shipyard at Dumbarton, on the Clyde. She bore a name that was to become famous throughout the world and was destined to win a place in the hearts of British seamen second only to Nelson's immortal Victory herself. Her name was the Cutty Sark". Небольшая информационная страничка для посетителей о корабле-музее, виртуальный тур.

Endeavour - Cook's bark

HM Bark Endeavour Office, Pier Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK YO21 3PU, Tel (+44) 01723-232 587, Fax (+44) 01947 600073. Новости, родственные ресурсы. обзоры прессы, выставки, фотогалерея, проекты.

Golden Hinde Sailing Galleon

St Mary Overie Dock, Cathedral Street, London SE1 9DE, England. "Sir Francis Drake famously circumnavigated the globe over 400 years ago aboard the Golden Hinde. A meticulously reconstructed fully operational warship is berthed on the River Thames in the heart of London, between London Bridge and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The Golden Hinde is a living history museum offering the opportunity to see what life was really like aboard an Elizabethan galleon in the daring days of the 16th century. Since this ship was launched in 1973 over 140,000 miles have been sailed (including a circumnavigation) giving this Golden Hinde an even more colourful history than the original." История корабля и его реконструкции, информация для посетителей.

HMS Belfast

Morgan's Lane, Tooley St, London SE1 2JH, UK. "HMS Belfast is a cruiser. She was launched in March 1938 and served throughout the Second World War, playing a leading part in the destruction of the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst at the Battle of North Cape and in the Normandy Landings". Обзорная информация для посетителей.

HMS Rose

"HMS Rose is a replica of a sixth rate British frigate built in 1757. This replica was built in 1970 and serves as a training ship and is making an Atlantic crossing in 1996. The original ship played an important role in American history, serving the British in the French-Indian and the Revolutionary Wars. "История кораблей с этим названием.

Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum

Portsmouth, England, Tel. +44-1705-750521, Fax +44-1705-870588. "The museum of the Mary Rose (Henry VIII's great ship, which sank in 1545 and was raised in 1982 for conservation at Portsmouth) has recently developed a WWW page. It provides hours of operation, photographs, and a virtual tour of the museum and the salvage and resoration project. Henry VIII's battleship built in 1509-11, sunk in 1545, discovered in 1836, rediscovered in 1967 and salvaged in 1982. Conservation of the hull started in 1994." Сотрудники, исследования, проекты, полевая школа. См. также Mary Rose Museum - статья с илл. в UNESCO Sources, February 1997.

Matthew of Bristol

"Reconstruction of John Cabot's ship that arrived to North America in 1497." История корабля и постройки его копии.


"The eight gun ketch Nonsuch was constructed in Essex, England in 1650. She was the ship responsible for the founding of the Hudson Bay Company in 1667. A near replica of the Nonsuch is now at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg Canada." История корабля и постройки его копии.

Roman Wreck

На сайте "Guernsey Museums and Galleries". "Several Roman Wreck sites have been located around Guernsey but local diver, Richard Keen, discovered the well known one in 1982. It was located between the pierheads of St Peter Port harbour and suffering badly from the scouring action caused by the overhead passage of harbour traffic." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Edinburgh, Scotland. "The Royal Yacht Britannia is one of the world's most famous ships. Launched at John Brown's Shipyard in Clydebank in 1953, the Royal Yacht proudly served Queen and country for forty-four years. During that time Britannia carried The Queen and The Royal Family on 968 official voyages, from the remotest regions of the South Seas to the deepest divides of Antarctica". История яхты, информация для посетителей, фотогалерея.

Trireme Trust

"ca 400 BC, Greece. Built in 1987. Volunteer rowers to this 37 m long reconstruction are needed every summer. The trireme was the quickest ship in antiquity. It was a hi-tech racer that could exceed 10 knots, chase and sink an enemy with its ram. The hull was a compact special construction of light wood, e g pinetree. During the battle of Salamis in 480 BC the Greeks had 380 ships and defeated the Persian navy of 600 ships. About half of the Greek navy may have been triremes." Любительское объединение - постройка копий античных трирем.

Wreck of the Esk

"This shipwreck is beached on Parramore Island, Virginia. Esk was a three-masted schooner built in 1885. She was lost in a storm in 1888. Sustantial portions of the wreck remain, grounded near the U.S. Lifesaving Station on Parramore Island." Небольшая информационная страничка 1995 г.


Kieler Hansekogge - Bremen Cog

Lorentzendamm 24, D-24103 Kiel, Fon. +49 (0)4 31 - 51 94 - 294 (I. Hamann), Fax +49 431 5194 234. Технические характеристики, фото, видео.

Roman warship in Mainz

The Museum of Ancient Shipping in Mainz. "The original was found in 1981-85 in the city's old harbour, dated to late 3rd and 4th centuries AD. This 20 m long full-scale reconstruction was made and is exhibited in the Museum fьr Antike Schiffahrt (Museum of Ancient Shipping). Photo courtesy the museum." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Springmann M.J. The Mukran Wreck sunk off the Isle of Rügen, Germany in 1565

// Vorbericht/Nordic Underwater Archaeology



"The Trireme was an ancient fighting ship designed to be able to cover long distances quickly under oar and sail, and to ram enemy ships in battle. Brief details about the trireme, Athen's supremacy at sea, propulsion of the triremes and battle tactics are included on this page. It is part of a website titled “Classic Pages” maintained by an enthusiast." Обзорная информация.


St George Shipwreck Museum

Thorsminde, Denmark. Музей, центр морских археологических исследований, на датск. и англ. яз. Большой список мест кораблекрушений в алфавитном порядке.


Sadana Island Shipwreck Project

"The Sadana Island Shipwreck, off Egypt's Red Sea coast, is an 18th century Ottoman-period shipwreck under investigation by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities." Исследования с 1994 г.

Schulze G., Weissen I. Napoleon's Lost Fleet

// Athena Review. Статья с илл.



Mel Fisher's Treasure Site

"One of Mel Fisher's dreams was to share the excitement of the search for great treasures with as many people as possible. This can now become a reality for those who have longed for adventure and fantasized of searching for those treasures. Our new site shows you how you can participate in the actual recovery of these shipwrecks right alongside Mel's "Golden Crew."

Niсa, Pinta and Santa Maria

"Reconstructions of Columbus' ships from 1492. Built in Spain during 1975-90. Sailed across the Atlantic in 1991. Now displayed in Corpus Christi, Texas." История корабля и постройка его копии.


National Geographic Society. "Laden with treasure, the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de la Pura y Limpia Concepción set sail from Havana, Cuba, in September 1641. Eight days later a hurricane thrashed the ship. Leaking, she began a month-long limp toward Puerto Rico for repairs. Just short of salvation, the Concepción struck a shallow reef and began sinking slowly." История корабля, находки, родственные ресурсы.


Comacchio Museum

"Palazzo Bellini, the seat of Comacchio’s Aldermanry of Culture and Library, will house the museum dedicated to the Comacchio shipwreck. The display area in which the rich collection of artefacts recovered on board the vessel will be arranged, will be completed by the spring of 1999." Информация на сайте Navis I.


Bluenose II Preservation Trast

121 Bluenose Drive, P.O. Box 1963, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, B0J 2C0, Canada. Phone 902-634-1963, Toll Free 1-800-763-1963, Fax 902-634-1995. История кораблей, фотогаларея, новости.

HMCS Haida Naval Museum

Toronto, Ontario Canada. "Welcome to HMCS HAIDA - a historic naval ship and a national historic site. She is the last remaining example of the 27 Tribal Class destroyers built for the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy between 1937 and 1945. It has been said that The Tribals were "magnificent in appearance, majestic in movement and menacing in disposition". Technologically, they represented the most advanced naval architecture, marine propulsion systems and weaponry of their time". Корабль-музей.


"The eight gun ketch Nonsuch was constructed in Essex, England in 1650. She was the ship responsible for the founding of the Hudson Bay Company in 1667. A near replica of the Nonsuch is now at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg Canada." История корабля и постройки его копии.

Northern Shipwrecks Database

Kearney Lake Road, Halifax, NS. PO Box 48047, Bedford, NS., Canada B4A 3Z2. Tel/Fax: (902) 445-5497. "The `Northern Shipwrecks Database' CD (Version 2002) features more than 100,000 North American ship wrecks from the 1500s to 1990s. This research has been accumulated from many sources over the last 20 years." Огроминская база данных по кораблекрушениям.

Ship Information Database (SID): Canada

"This database was put together based on ship registration records at the National Archives in Ottawa. In some cases, though not all, the fate of the ship has been indicated." База данных.

Sir William Phips Shipwreck, 1690

"In the spring of 1689, war broke out in Europe between France and the League of Augsburg, a coalition of countries led by England. In 1690, New France launches a full-scale attack on the British colonies in America, particularly New York. New Englanders as a whole joined forces against New France. Sir William Phips, famous for leading the salvage of an earlier 17th century Spanish treasure ship in the Caribbean, was appointed commander of a squadron and immediately led his troops against New France (Canada)." Исследования (фотоальбомы с 1996 г.), история, библиография и др.

Tall Ship Bounty

HMS Bounty, PO BOX 141, Oakdale, NY 11769, Canada. Phone (631)588-7900, FAX (631)471-4609. История, реставрация, родственные ресурсы.


Turiang shipwreck

"The Turiang, a Chinese ship, was sailing to Borneo and/or Sulawesi when she sank in the 14th century. Her commercial cargo included ceramics from China, Vietnam and Thailand, plus iron ore and fish (!) .. and its discovery provoked a reassessment of Thai ceramic history." Небольшая информационная страничка.


Clipper Stad Amsterdam

"De Stad Amsterdam is een schip dat historie en toekomst in zich verenigt. Bij de bouw is goed gekeken naar de 19e eeuwse snelzeilende clippers. De Clipper Stad Amsterdam combineert het beste van beroemde schepen als de Amsterdam en de California met moderne techniek en hedendaags comfort en luxe. Een combinatie van avontuur en comfort in een historische ambiance die u op geen enkel ander cruise- of zeilschip aantreft". Портал. Все о голландском флоте.

De Kamper Kogge

"De Kamper Kogge is een replica van een Hanze Kogge uit de 15e eeuw. Dit schip is gebouwd in het kader van het Europees Sociaal Fonds, ter stimulering van een leer-werkproject voor jongeren. Het wetenschappelijke aspect is verzorgd door het Nederlands Instituut voor Scheeps - en onderwater Archeologie (NISA)." История исследований и реконструкции.

Dutch Submarines

"The page is dedicated to the submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Induded are pictures, detailed information on the classes of submarines as well as tenders, boats, submarine books and videos, and links to related pages." Все о подводных лодках с 1902 г.


"Dutch ship from 1606, built in Australia." История корабля и постройки его копии.



Проект "Ивлия" (Одиссея-2004)

Агбунов М., Гончарук П. "В 1989 г. авторами проекта была построена первая "Ивлия", на которой были совершены пять международных комплексных экспедиций. Следуя маршрутами античных мореходов, корабль преодолел более 3000 морских миль, посетил более 50 европейских портов.. В Одессе К. - 2004 г. планируется построить реплику греческого двухъярусного парусно-гребного корабля и совершить на нем плавание по Черному и Средиземному морям." .

Проект "Славия"

Реконструкция древнерусской ладьи. "В июле 2002 г. на Ладожском озере проходила научно-исследовательская экспедиция "Древности Ладоги". В ее ходе группа историков и энтузиастов, совершила плавание вокруг Ладожского озера на деревянном парусном судне "Славия".

Шлюп "Свирь" и другие тайны Финского залива

"Когда в 1989 году сотрудник Института истории материальной культуры PAH (здесь и далее приведены современные названия организаций) - К.К. Шилик обратился к нам в АО "Морские технологии" с просьбой обследовать геофизическими методами один из районов Выборгского сражения русского и шведского флотов 1790 года, с целью поиска останков погибших кораблей, мы поначалу отнеслись к этому в духе героев "Острова сокровищ". Но сложность задачи, потребовавшей специальных технологий, методик и аппаратуры, а главное сделанные находки вызвали уже профессиональный интерес к совершенно новому предмету научных исследований.." Информация об исследованиях с илл. на сайте www.transport.ru


"8-пушечный фрегат был построен в 1703 году по проекту, сделанному Петром I вскоре после возвращения из Англии и Голландии." История корабля и постройки его копии.

Russian Naval History

Всемирная выставка EXPO-96. Русский павильон. Русская морская история со времен киевской Руси, обзор на англ. яз.


Benwood Shipwreck, Florida Keys

"The Benwood wreck is located at French Reef in the Florida Keys (offshore Key Largo). It was a Norwegian freighter that collided with another vessel during World War II. A very popular recreational dive site, it is one of the most dived shipwrecks in the world. Underwater Science and Educational Resources of Indiana University has investigated this wreck, and maintains this page." Исследования, находки, дайв-тур.

Brother Johnathon Shipwreck, 1865

"The steamship Brother Johnathon struck a rock while trying to make safe harbor at Cresent City, California, during a summer storm in 1865. Almost all of her cargo of camels, china, gold, ceramics, and other commodities was lost when the ship sank in 250 feet of water. The site was discovered over a hundred years later by a remote-sensing (sonar) survey. The wreck was examined with remotely-operated vehicles, and a number of artifacts were recovered and are now on display at this virtual museum. This site is sponsored by the California State Lands Commsission." История корабля и его исследований.

CSS Hunley

Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка, ссылки на ресурсы по теме.

CSS Neuse Historic Site

Kinston, NC USA. "Glimpses into two of our nation's most pivotal wars can be found in one historic site within the city of Kinston." Исследования, консервация.

Denbigh Project

"The Denbigh Project is an effort by the Institue of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University to identify, document, and preserve the wreck of Denbigh (41GV143), one of the most successful Confederate blockade runners of the American Civil War." История корабля и его исследования.

Historic Ships to visit - Maritime Heritage Program

USA. "Here you can view listings of over 200 historic ships located in the United States and open for public visitation. You can also learn about our database inventory of historic ships, the source of our ship data. To help you prepare for a ship visit we've included some basics about ship terminology and classification. We've also provided a page of links to the historic ships listed on this and other web sites as well as links to some useful resources for learning more about historic ships". База данных.

Maple Leaf

USA. "An Extraordinary American Civil War Shipwreck, Jacksonville Florida 1864". История, подводные исследования, публикации on-line, библиография, выставка, фотогалерея, видеофильм.

Matthew of Bristol

"Reconstruction of John Cabot's ship that arrived to North America in 1497." История корабля и постройки его копии.

Minnesota's Historical Shipwrecks

"In the interest of preserving Minnesota's Lake Superior shipwrecks and other underwater archaeological sites in Minnesota’s lakes and rivers, the State Historic Preservation Office of the Minnesota Historical Society has initiated a program of submerged cultural resource management. The Society hopes you will join its effort to preserve our maritime heritage." Выставки, описания кораблекрушений, публикации.

Minnesota's Lake Superior Shipwrecks

"This listing, compiled by the Minnesota Historical Society, includes 47 ships wrecked in Lake Superior. Data includes ship name and type, the years the vessel was built and wrecked, current condition (poor, fair, good, unknown), and National Register status (eligable, ineligable, on register)." База данных.

Naval Historical Center - Underwater Archaeology Branch

Washington Navy Yard, 805 Kidder Breese Street SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060, USA. "The Naval Historical Center's Underwater Archaeology Branch advises the Navy in matters related to historic preservation of U.S. Navy ship and aircraft wrecks. An underwater archaeologist oversees and coordinates this program that deals not only with archaeology and conservation, but many sensitive issues such as war graves, unexploded ordnance, potential use of recovered weapons systems, and complicated legal issues dealing with title and the illegal removal of property from wrecks." История морского флота США. Места кораблекрушений: охрана, исследования, консервация.

Niсa, Pinta and Santa Maria

"Reconstructions of Columbus' ships from 1492. Built in Spain during 1975-90. Sailed across the Atlantic in 1991. Now displayed in Corpus Christi, Texas." История корабля и постройка его копии.

North Carolina Wreck Diving

"Another listing of North Carolina wrecks for the recreational diver. General locational information is provided, but no historical details are listed." База данных.

Queen Mary Museum

Long Beach, CA USA. "A floating city awash in elegance, the Queen Mary, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, remains one of the most famous ships in history." Корабль-музей.

Reynolds W. T. (Chip) The Ship Half Moon

// "The replica ship Half Moon is a full scale reproduction of the Dutch ship of exploration sailed to North America in 1609 by Henry Hudson. The ship is authentic in appearance, but constructed of modern materials and techniques." История корабля и постройки его копии.

S.S. Lane Victory

San Pedro, CA USA. Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Shipwrecks and Reefs of Morehead City

"Lists 15 wrecks offshore Morehead City, North Carolina, with short descriptions of each wreck site." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Slave Schooner Amistad

"A replica of the 19th century slave schooner Amistad is being built in Mystic Seaport. This slaver was made famous in 1839 after its human cargo staged a successful revolt, took over the ship, were captured and tried in an American court. Ex-President John Quincy Adams came out of retirement to represent the slaves, who were eventually granted their freedom. This page details the history of the ship, its construction at Mystic Seaport, links, products, press releases, and other information."

Some Historic Ship and Aircraft Wrecks

Информация об остатках некоторых кораблекрушений.

St. Mary's Submarine Museum

St.Mary's, GA USA. "Since its inception in the late 1800s, the submarine force has had a profound effect on America's war effort. The Confederate Navy sunk the USS Housitonic off of Charleston, SC during the Civil War. The Confederate Submarine was raised recently and is now being restored in Charleston, SC." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Steamer William G. Mather Museum

Cleveland, OH USA. "The William G. Mather is a retired Great Lakes bulk freighter. She was built in Detroit by the Great Lakes Engineering Works, River Rouge, Michigan in 1925 as the flagship for the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company. The Mather remained the Cliff's flagship until the Edward B. Green (now the Kaye E. Barker of the Interlake Steamship Company fleet) was built in 1952." Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Submarine Force Museum

Groton, CT USA. "The Submarine Force Museum in Groton, Connecticut, home of Historic Ship NAUTILUS (SSN 571), is the United States Navy's official submarine museum. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, interpret and present the history of the United States Submarine Force." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Treasure Dive Sites

"Services: Complete Films, Film Editing, Dubbing, Music Mix, Aviation Sequences & stunts, Underwater Video, Screenplays, Ad Agency Project Consultation".

Tuckerton Seaport

Tuckerton Seaport, 120 West Main Street, P.O. Box 52, Tuckerton, New Jersey 08087, USA. "The Tuckerton Seaport's mission is to preserve, present and interpret the rich maritime history, heritage, and environment of the Jersey shore and the unique contributions of its Baymen. On a 40-acre site along Tuckerton Creek, you will discover the sights, sounds, and smells that surrounded the lives of the people who lived and worked on the ocean, bays and back creeks of Coastal New Jersey." Морская история Нью-Джерси.

US Brig Niagara - Erie Maritime Museum

Erie, PA USA. "Erie, Pennsylvania takes great pride as the home of the US Brig Niagara. This reconstruction of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship in the battle of Lake Erie was completed in the summer of 1990, and since then Niagara has embarked on an ambitious program of sailing and historic interpretation. As an ambassador of Erie and the State of Pennsylvania, Niagara has visited numerous ports on the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Seaboard giving thousands of visitors an opportunity to share in this unique piece of history. When in port, Niagara is open for guided tours and has an active daysailing program."

USS Alligator

"The Alligator was a 12 gun schooner built in 1820 to serve against the illegal slave trade. She sank in the Florida Keys off Alligator Reef near Islamorada. The Naval Historical Center has led a joint project investigating this ship." Небольшая информационная страничка.


Cleveland, OH USA. "QuickTime VR 3-D images of most of Cod's spaces are now available on this site." Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

USS Constellation

Baltimore, MD USA. "U.S.S. Constellation was launched at the Gosport Navy Yard in Norfolk, Virginia in 1854. Bearing the same name as the famous frigate of 1797 she is a sloop-of war of 22 guns. Her original battery was comprised of 8" muzzle loading shell guns. She is 179 feet long on deck and displaces approximately 1400 tons and is the largest all sail sloop-of-war built by the Navy. She set 20,000 square feet of sails and is the last all-sail warship built by the U.S. Navy." Корабль-музей.

USS Constitution Museum

Boston, MA USA. "Old Ironsides is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. Her history is rich and colorful and 200 years strong - from fighting Barbary pirates on the "shores of Tripoli" to winning famous victories during the War of 1812, the USS Constitution Museum brings her tale alive through its collection of 3,000 original artifacts and art work and through hands-on activities." Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

USS Lexington Museum on the Bay

Corpus Christi, TX USA. Корабль-музей.

USS Pampanito

San Francisco, CA USA. "USS Pampanito (SS-383) is a World War II Balao class Fleet submarine that is open for visitors daily at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Pampanito made six patrols in the Pacific during World War II and sank six Japanese ships and damaged four others." Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

USS Salem

Quincy, MA USA. "Located in historic Quincy, Massachusetts, USNSM is home to USS Salem CA-139, the world's only preserved heavy cruiser. We are located in the former Bethlehem Steel Quincy Fore River shipyard, once one of the nation's largest shipbuilding enterprises." Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

USS Silversides and Museum

Muskegon, MI USA. WWII submarine. Корабль-музей. Небольшая информационная страничка.

USS Slater

Albany, NY USA. "The Slater is a Cannon Class Destroyer Escort. Of the 565 destroyer escorts produced in World War II, USS SLATER (DE-766) is the only one remaining afloat in the United States, and the only one with original battle armament and configuration. These trim but deadly warships had the duty of looking out for enemy submarines and kamikazes as they escorted ship convoys across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans." Корабль-музей.

USS Tecumseh

"Tecumseh was an iron-hulled monitor that was sunk by the CSS Tennessee in the famous Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. East Carolina University has worked on this wreck, and the Naval Historical Center is currently planning investigations." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Wreck of the Esk

"This shipwreck is beached on Parramore Island, Virginia. Esk was a three-masted schooner built in 1885. She was lost in a storm in 1888. Sustantial portions of the wreck remain, grounded near the U.S. Lifesaving Station on Parramore Island." Небольшая информационная страничка 1995 г.


Museumship Pommern

Museifartyget POMMERN, Pb 5, AX-22100 Mariehamn, Aland Island.Tel. +358(0)18-531421. Музей-корабль. На шведск. и англ. яз.


Underwater Archaeology: Sites Along the Mediterranean Coastline

"All major shipwreck sites along the French Mediterranean coastline. A clickable map of the area links to details of each site and this main page includes a chronological list of wrecks ranging from Prehistory to Modern periods." Интерактивная карта кораблекрушений южного побережья Франции.



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