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Australian National Maritime Museum

2 Murray Street Darling Harbour NSW 2009, GPO Box 5131 Sydney NSW 1042 Australia. Tel. 61 2 9298 3777, fax 61 2 9298 3780. - Сотрудники, выставки, коллекции, лекции.

Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum

North Geelong, Australia. "December 2001. The Geelong Naval & Maritime Museum is now closed to the public."

Western Australia Maritime Museum

Cliff Street, Fremantle, WA 6160, Australia, Tel +61-9-431 8444, Fax +61-9-335 7224. "This museum is a branch of the Western Australian Museum and houses an internationally important collection of shipwreck relics as well as the largest museum collection of Australian boats (in Boat shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle harbour). A major feature of the Museum is the reconstructed hull of the ship Batavia, lost en route from the Netherlands to the East Indies in 1629. Other exhibits include material recovered from Australia's oldest shipwreck and a display on Aborigines and the sea." Сотрудники, новости, морской и археологический музеи, исследования, проекты, родственные ресурсы.




Discovery Point

Dundee, Scotland. "Discover a taste for adventure and exploration at award-winning Discovery Point, one of Scotland's most exciting visitor attractions. Spectacular exhibits and special effects vividly recreate the voyages of the Royal Research Ship Discovery, built in Dundee to take Captain Scott to Antarctica". Фотогалерея, выставки, реставрация, конференции, информация для посетителей.

Guernsey Museums & Galleries

"Guernsey Museums & Galleries is a service provided by the administration of the (British) Channel Island of Guernsey. The service is run by a Heritage Committee, which also administers the Island Archive Service together with the listing and protection of historic buildings and sites, including shipwrecks." Информация на сайте Navis I.

National Maritime Museum

Greenwich, UK, Tel +44-181-858 4422, Fax +44-181-312 6632. "The National Maritime Museum Greenwich was founded by the National Maritime Museum Act in 1934 and opened to the public in 1937. The Museum is the largest maritime museum in the world, covering every aspect of ships and seafaring, in peace and at war, from pre-history to today. The collections illustrate themes of Britain and the sea, empire and cultural interchange, sea-power, maritime technology, exploration and navigation." Обзор выставок, новости, родственные ресурсы.

Royal Naval Museum

HM Naval Base (PP66), Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3NH, England. Tel 023 9272 7562, Fax 023 9272 7575." Located in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, historic home of the Royal Navy, we are the Museum of Britain’s Senior Service". Коллекции. выставки, публикации, библиотека, исследовательский центр, информация для посетителей.

Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Haslar Jetty Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 2AS, 023 9252 9217, England. "Imagine what it must be like to be depth charged? Picture yourself in a tiny miniature submarine about to slip under an enemy ship. Now you can experience the reality at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. Trace the history of submarine development, from Alexander the Great, to Holland I, to the giant nuclear powered Vanguard class of the present day peace keepers. This unique museum offers you the chance to walk on board a real submarine. Discover true tales of heroism and relive a life under the sea through the personal belongings of the crew." История подводных лодок, базы данных, публикации, информация для посетителей, исследования.


Museum für Antike Schiffahrt (Museum of Ancient Shipping)

Museum für Antike Schiffahrt, Neutorstraße 2b, D-55116 Mainz, Deutschland. Tel. +49 - (0)6131-286630, Fax +49 - (0)6131-2866324. "The Museum of Ancient Shipping is situated in Mainz, Germany. It aim is to “provide an overview of the manifold connections between the Mediterranean and northern Alpine boat-building traditions on the one hand, and the social standing and responsibilities of Roman marines on the other”. On site is information about the exhibits, which include five military ships of the late 3rd and 4th century, model ships, and an explanation of Roman ship construction. The museum address and opening hours are provided. The site is also available in German." Информационная страничка на нем. и англ.яз.

Museums Feuerschiff Amrumbank

Georg-Breusing-Promenade, 26725 Emden, Tel. 04921-23285 (Museum), andere Zeiten 04921-33236, Fax 04921-33203. "Das Feuerschiff " Amrumbank" wurde 1915 auf der Werft Jos.L.Meyer in Papenburg gebaut und war seit 1917 als schwimmender Leuchtturm auf mehreren Positionen in der Nordsee im Einsatz. 12 Besatzungsmitglieder taten im 14-tägigen Wechsel ihren Dienst an Bord. Nach seiner Außerdienststellung im Jahre 1983 wurde es von einem Emder Verein - dem Arbeitskreis Museums-Feuerschiff e.V. "gekauft und zum Museum umgebaut."

Schiffahrtsmuseum Rostock

Schiffahrtsmuseum Rostock, Im Steintor, August-Bebel-StraЯe 1, D-18055 Rostock, Germany, tel 49-381-4922698, fax 49-381-27254. "The museum was founded in 1968 as a museum of shipping history. The museum is divided in two branches. The main branch, exhibiting the history of shipping, is housed in a 19th century building in the centre of Rostock. The second branch is situated in an old merchant ship, built in the 1950s in Rostock." Небольшая информационная страничка.



Danish Naval Museum (Orlogsmuseet)

Søkvæsthuset, Overgaden oven Vandet 58A, DK-1415 København K, Denmark. Tel +47-31 546363, fax +47-31 542980. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet, Tarphagevej 2, DK-6710 Esbjerg V, tel. +45 7612 2000, fax: +45 76122010. "The Fisheries and Maritime Museum is the largest institution of its kind in Denmark focusing on Danish fisheries and marine biology, the tidal wetlands (Wadden Sea), west Jutland coastal shipping and the North Sea offshore industries. So the theme of the museum can truly be said to be "people and the sea". Выставки, исследования, публикации. На англ., нем. и датск. яз.


Maritime and Naval Museums in Britain and Ireland

"This guide lists about 280 maritime and naval museums in Britain and Ireland, in alphabetical order. The site also contains four additional files: a regional index to the listed museums; maps of their locations; an auxiliary list of approximately 500 historic and classic vessels in the British Isles; and an introduction to the site. Entries in the files contain information such as contact addresses, opening times, website (if available), and a short description of the collections. The historic vessels are museum-ships in their own right, privately owned, or part of the collection of one of the museums listed." Алфавитные список.



Museu Maretim de Barcelona

Av. de les Drassanes s/n, 08001 Barcelona, Spain. T.933 429 920, F.933 187 876. - Сотрудники, публикации, новости.


Comacchio Museum

"Palazzo Bellini, the seat of Comacchio’s Aldermanry of Culture and Library, will house the museum dedicated to the Comacchio shipwreck. The display area in which the rich collection of artefacts recovered on board the vessel will be arranged, will be completed by the spring of 1999." Информация на сайте Navis I.

Regional Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi of Marsala (Sicily)

"The archaeological Museum was installed in a traditional wine factory. This structure, which is typical of the marsala wine-producing area, was in full activity throughout the last century. Formed by a quadrangle of buildings opening onto a courtyard, the baglio offered the same kind of enclosed protection as the late Roman vallum or ballium (which continued into the Middle Ages)." Информация на сайте Navis I.


Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum, PO Box 17000, Stn Forces, Victoria, BC V9A 7N2, Canada. История канадского королевского флота на западном побережье.

Lockmaster's house museum

Ontario, Canada. "After extensive renovations, the museum finally opened in 1982, the 150th anniversary of the Rideau Canal. Since then it has sponsored twelve different exhibits centering around the economic and social life of Chaffey's and in 1992 a permanent exhibit was established on the main floor, depicting the history of the house and Chaffey's Lock". Небольшая информационная страничка.

Mariner's Park Museum

Prince Edward Island, Canada. "South Bay has always been a safe haven for sailing ships when Lake Ontario "blows up". It was therefore fitting that, here at the Museum site in 1967, the top of the False Duck Lighthouse (originally the oldest in Prince Edward County, built in 1829) was reconstructed as a Centennial Project. The original settlement of Marysburgh, 5th Township of Cataraqui, belonged to the United Empire Loyalists arriving in June 1784, but it was maybe Joseph Clapp and his lumber trading that gave rise to the first mill (now known as the Scott Mill) on Black River and hence the village of Milford". Информационная страничка для посетителей.

Maritime Museum of British Columbia

"The Maritime Museum of British Columbia was established in 1954 as a non-profit society. British Columbia's marine history is told from Early Exploration to Captain Cook, Canadian Pacific Steamships and the Royal Navy. The website includes links to the galleries; Exploration, Commerce, Adventure, Passenger Travel, Government Fleets and B.C. Ferries. The website includes exploration pictures of vessels, the role of the Canadian Navy in war, the Vintage Vessel Registry, and links to the Library and ships' plans, l ighthouses, and ship wrecks and other historic sites." Новости, выставки, коллекции.

Naval Museum of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada. "The goal of the Naval Museum of Manitoba is to promote the history of Canada's Navy, especially as it pertains to those Manitobans who have served with the Navy. The Naval Museum captures a moment in history, remembering the lifestyle, sense of duty and patriotism of Canadian sailors during times of peace and war. In creating this archive, many Manitobans have served their community by donating artifacts, time and energy to a successful effort". Выставки, морская авиация, знаки, корабли и т.п.

Robert H. Smith's Master Index to North American Maritime Museum Internet Resource

Музеи США и Канады. Список с аннотациями в алфавитном порядке, интерактивная карта, поисковая машина.


Museo del Mar - Bogota

Bogota, Colombia. "Con la creaciуn de la facultad de Biologнa Marina de la Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, a finales de la dйcada de los 60, se implemento este museo. Cuenta con una sala de ecosistemas costeros; la sala de Arrecifes Coralinos (varias clases de plantas y animales con diversas formas y colores, con la funciуn y el lugar propio de cada especie), la sala de Estuarios y Lagunas Costeras, la sala del Ecosistema Polar, y la sala de curiosidades". Информационная страничка для туристов.



Dutch naval museum den Helder

Marinemuseum, Hoofdgracht 3, 1781 AA Den Helder, +31 223 657534. История, описания кораблей, информация для посетителей, родственные ресурсы.

Новая Зеландия

New Zealand national maritime museum

Corner Hobson Street & Quay Street, Auckland City, New Zealand, (PO Box 3141, Auckland). Tel: +64 9 373 0800 (Freefone 0800 SALTYSAM), Fax: +64 9 377 6000. Информационная страничка для туристов.



Brandal, Norway. "The Arctic Museum "Aarvak" was founded in 1981 to preserve the traditions in Western Norway from sealing and other activities in the Arctic and the Antarctic Zones. The museum consists of the preserved arctic vessel the "Aarvak", the oldest sealing vessel of that kind that is preserved, and about 600 registered objects. Among these are a number of stuffed animals: musk, polar wolf, polar fox, three ice bears, and several seals and arctic birds". Небольшая информационная страничка.



Centralne Muzeum Morskie (National Maritime Museum)

Ul. Szeroka 67/68, 80-835, Gdansk. Tel: +48-58-3016938, fax: +48-58-3018453. "Museum director is Dr Jerzy Litwin. UW archaeology is headed by Ms Iwona Pomian (photo). Among the excavated wrecks are a medieval wreck carrying a copper load, and the Swedish man of war Solen, sunk in 1627. Recent projects are General Carleton and the submerged settlement of Puck. The museum has a research ship, the "Kaszubski Brzeg". История, находки, проекты и исследования.

Polish Maritime Museum - Gdansk

"In 1960, when the Polish Maritime Museum formally came into existence, it had to start right from scratch, having neither a collection nor a building to house it. Most of historical maritime collections were completely devastated during the 2nd WW. In this situation the first director of the Museum, Przemysław Smolarek, decided to take up the underwater investigations. In the first step he resolved to study the sources concerning Gdańsk Bay which is a kind of natural protection for potential finds and one of the simplest places for inexperience divers. Gdańsk Bay was also a roadstead for the port of Gdańsk. As the entrance to the port was fairly difficult, many accidents happened there." Информация на сайте Navis I. Сотрудники, исследования, публикации.



Maritime Museum "Sergej Masera"

Cankarjevo nabrezje 3, SI - 6330 PIRAN, Slovenia, tel. +386 (0)66 746 826, fax.+386 (0)66 746 827. "The first collections of the Maritime Museum of Piran were exhibited in the Civic Museum of Piran, which was established in 1954. The study of Slovene naval history and maritime tradition was one of the first activities of the newly founded museum. In 1967 the Civic Museum was renamed the Sergej Masera Maritime Museum of Piran." Сотрудники, исследования, библиография, родственные ресурсы.


Bermuda Maritime Museum

Mangrove Bay, Bermuda. Виртуальный тур, публикации, библиография.

Cape Anne Historical Museum

Gloucester, MA USA. "Located in historic Gloucester, Massachusetts, the nation's oldest fishing port, this charming museum exhibits the largest collection of paintings (39) and drawings (100) by the master luminist painter Fitz Hugh Lane (1804-1865). A native of Gloucester, Lane is now recognized as one of America's foremost maritime painters and one of the country's most significant nineteenth-century artists." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Catalina Island Museum

USA, Catalina Island, off Los Angeles. "The museum exhibits Native American artifacts, Catalina pottery and tile, photos and postcards from the 1880's to the present, and much more. Our Museum store features many excellent books and souvenirs of Catalina and Southern Calfornia history and wildlife". Календарь событий, новости и др. информация для посетителей.

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Mill Street, P.O. Box 636, St. Michaels, MD 21663, USA. Phone (410) 745-2916. Fax (410) 745-6088. Выставки, образовательная программа, библиотека.

Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station

Hatteras Island, NC USA. "In 1873 Congress established the United States Life Saving Service to patrol the beaches looking for ships in distress along the treacherous North Carolina coast. Twelve Life Saving Stations were established - at seven mile intervals in an area known as Chicamacomico. The stations were patrolled by a crew of 5-10 men on foot or horseback. The most famous of these stations, the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station was built in 1874." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum

Cold Spring Harbor, NY USA. "Discover maritime Long Island and its illustrious whaling history in this charming family museum. The "Wonder of Whales" gallery encourages visitors to listen to the song of the humpback whale, marvel at the size of the killer whale skull and learn about whale biology and whale conservation." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Columbia River Maritime Museum

1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, Oregon 97103, USA. Небольшая информационная страничка для туристов.

Door County Maritime Museum

Sturgeon Bay, WI USA. Выставки, информация для посетителей, исследования.

Essex Shipbuilding Museum

Essex, MA USA. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Gloucester Adventure

Gloucester, MA USA. "Captain Jim Sharp donated Adventure to the people of Gloucester, with a proviso that she continue to be cared for, prominently displayed as a monument of the City of Gloucester and used for the education and pleasure of the public." История кораблей, фотогалерея.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

Whitefish Point, MI USA. "The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is the only one of its kind dedicated to the perils of maritime transport on the Great Lakes. It is fittingly located at Whitefish Point, Michigan, site of the oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior." Общая информация, виртуальный тур по музею.

Hawai'i Maritime Center

Pier 7, Honolulu Harbor, Honolulu Hawai`i 96813, 808-536-6373, USA. Небольшая информационная страничка для туристов.

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

North Wildwood, NJ USA. "Circa 1874, the Swiss Gothic Style Lighthouse was constructed in 1874 by the U.S. Lighthouse Service to provide a navigational aide to mariners passing by or traveling into the treacherous Hereford Inlet. The Lighthouse still shines its beacon 14 nautical miles out to sea." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Hudson River Maritime Museum

Kingston, NY USA. "The Hudson River Maritime Museum is the only museum in New York State exclusively preserving the maritime history of the Hudson River, its tributaries, and the industries that developed around it." История, выставки, родственные ресурсы.

Inland Seas Maritime Museum

Vermilion, OH USA. Небольшая информационная страничка. История, новости, выставки, виртуальный тур, библиотека, родственные ресурсы.

Lake Pontcharin Basin Maritime Museum

Madisonville, LA USA. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Long Island Maritime Museum

USA, West Sayville, New York. Выставки, проекты, обучение, библиотека.

Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Los Angeles, CA USA. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Maine Maritime Museum

Bath, ME USA. "Founded in 1962, Maine Maritime Museum collects, preserves and interprets materials relating to the maritime history of Maine. Maine's maritime history is told here daily through gallery exhibits, an historic shipyard, educational programs and narrated boat cruises to points of historic significance and natural beauty. Located on the banks of the Kennebec River and just south of Bath Iron Works, home of "The World's Greatest Shipbuilders", the Museum welcomes over 65,000 visitors annually." Выставки, исследования, лекции.

Marine Museum at Fall River

Fall River, MA USA. "Welcome to The Marine Museum at Fall River where you will see one of the world's largest TITANIC exhibit. A 28 foot detailed model is the centerpiece in the collection of artifacts and memorabilia. The famous R. M. S. Titanic, so carefully designed to be called "unsinkable", on her maiden voyage took 1500 people with her to a watery grave on April 14, 1912. The museum's collection includes photographs taken by the Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution, a recorded account of the tragedy by a Titanic survivor, and a video tape of the vessel's discovery. The Marine Museum's newest exhibit, The Andea Doria, is now open. This exhibit includes photographs, videos, artifacts and a model of the Italian liner which sank off the coast of Nantucket in the summer of 1956."

Mariners Museum

Newport News, VA USA. "The Mariner's Museum was founded in 1930 and has grown to include an international collection of figureheads, ship models, paintings, and maritime artifacts. It also houses a Research Library and Archives, Museum Shop, and a 550 acre park and lake." Новости, образовательные программы, коллекции и выставки.

Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum

Biloxi, MS USA. Модели кораблей - в т.ч. на продажу.

Marquette Martime Museum

Marquette, MI USA. Небольшая информационная страничка.

Maui Ocean Center

Wailuku, HI USA. "We invite you to take a journey like no other, a virtual tour of the largest tropical reef aquarium in the Western Hemisphere… Maui Ocean Center - The Hawaiian Aquarium. Here you’re sure to unlock the magical underwater nature of Hawai’i. We know that you’ll be fascinated by the information and photos found on our website however, there’s really only one way to see all the splendor of Hawai’i’s underwater nature in one location." Небольшая информационная страничка.

National Canal Museum

Easton, PA USA. "Discover America's canal heritage at the National Canal Museum! Take a journey back in time to the early 1800's and experience what the world was like before railroads, highways and airplanes. Interactive, hands-on exhibits build ideas and inspire exploration on your journey into the past. You can operate a lock model and pilot your boat through the lock!" Небольшая информационная страничка.

Nauticus, The National Maritime Center

Norfolk, VA USA. "The National Maritime Center located on the downtown waterfront in Norfolk, Virginia. Home to the Battleship Wisconsin, Nauticus is an exciting 120,000 square-foot science and technology center exploring the power of the sea." Новости, выставки, образовательные программы, подписка на рассылку.

New Jersey Naval Museum

Hackensack, NJ USA. Выставки, лекции, родственные ресурсы.

New Netherland Museum

Croton-on-Hudson, NY USA. История, выставки, лекции, родственные ресурсы.

North Carolina Maritime Museum (NCMM)

USA, Beaufort, North Carolina, is a remarkable museum in a beautiful and historic small town. "Located on Beaufort's beautifully restored waterfront, the North Carolina Maritime Museum interprets North Carolina's historical alliances with the sea. The 18,000 square-foot building is constructed of wood and resembles a 19th century by the U.S. Lifesaving Service station. The museum houses an impressive collection of ship models, ranging from sailing skiffs to full-rigged". Небольшая информационная страничка.

Ocean Liner Museum

New York, NY USA. "The Ocean Liner Museum was founded in 1981 as a non-profit organization chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. It is the only museum in the world dedicated to the history and preservation of passenger vessels. The Ocean Liner Museum does not yet have a permanent home but mounts exhibitions periodically at different venues in the city of New York."

Pacific Tsunami Museum

Hilo, HI USA. "The goal of the Pacific Tsunami Museum is to promote public tsunami education for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region. The museum will also preserve the social and cultural history of Hawaii and promote economic development on the island of Hawaii as well as statewide. The museum will serve as a living memorial to those who lost their lives in past tsunami events." Все о цунами.

Portland Harbor Museum

South Portland, ME USA. "Clipper Ships to Supertankers - a Civil War sea battle here in Casco Bay? Portland Harbor Museum is your window on the saga of this historic and still vital port." Информация для посетителей, лекции, родственные ресурсы.

Robert H. Smith's Master Index to North American Maritime Museum Internet Resource

Музеи США и Канады. Список с аннотациями в алфавитном порядке, интерактивная карта, поисковая машина.

San Diego Maritime Museum

USA. "The Maritime Museum of San Diego has been an active part of San Diego's waterfront and cultural life since the arrival of the Star of India in 1927. The mission of the museum is to serve as the community memory of our seafaring experience by collecting, preserving, and presenting our rich maritime heritage and historic connections with the Pacific world." Публикации, выставки, обучение.

San Francisco Maritime National Park Association

USA. "The Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to maritime preservation and education in order to enhance public understanding, appreciation, & enjoyment of our national maritime heritage." Новости, образовательные программы, публикации.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Santa Barbara, CA USA. Выставки, исследовательские проекты, лекции, родственные ресурсы.

Sea Girt Lighthouse

Sea Girt, NJ USA. "This beautiful Light, its tower nestled within an L-shaped Victorian building, first lighted the seafarer's way on December 10, 1896. The structure had been more than six years in the making, its initial financing appropriated in 1889. Sea Girt did its job with a 4th order Fresnel lens with a red French chimney. It flashed its revolving red light for two seconds out of six. Like most lights of the era, Sea Girt's turned on ball bearings and was driven by clockworks. One winding ran the light for seven and one-half hours." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Tahoe Maritime Museum

Lake Tahoe, CA USA. "The Museum was founded in August 1987. Our vision is to make the Tahoe Maritime Museum a world-recognized organization. With the recent acquisition of a permanent location, the Tahoe Maritime Museum is able to showcase the rich boating history of Lake Tahoe." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Toms River Maritime Museum

Toms River, NJ USA. "The beautiful Barnegat Bay area and the intracoastal waters of New Jersey feature shallow estuaries and bays that provide habitat for the blue crab, flounder, bay scallop, cherrystone clam, and a variety of other marine animals. The lives and livelihood of area residents demanded unique watercraft - for gathering the abundant harvest of the sea, for recreation and sport, and for greater necessities, such as saving lives. These people, their activities, and the fascinating small vessels they created constitute a rich maritime heritage that is a joy and an inspiration to all who care to explore it." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Twin Lights Historic Site

Highlands, NJ USA. "Replaced by modern navigational aids, most of today's standing lighthouses are preserved as museums by people who have that "certain passion." One of the largest, and the brightest light of its day, is the Navesink Light Station, or the Twin Lights, perched atop the Highlands below Sandy Hook." Небольшая информационная страничка.

Westport Maritime Museum

Westport, WA USA. "Home of the Destruction Island Lighthouse Lens. Our historic museum building was built in 1939 to serve as the Coast Guard's Lifeboat Station, Grays Harbor. The Colonial Revival structure served in that role until 1972 when a new station was built several blocks to the South. The Maritime Museum opened in the 1939 building in 1985."


Museo National de Arqueologia Maritimo

Информация о Карфагене на сайте Navis I.


Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

"The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology in The Bodrum Castle of The Knights of St.John is not just a dusty collection of lifeless relics, it is an original, creative and exiting experience. It is a trip into a fascinating past through to life in exhibits that take you back in time into the worlds of ancient mariners who sailed to meet their destiny shipwrecked on Anatolian shores or to the medieval Age of Knights who built this castle from stones that once were part of one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient World." Обзорная информация.


Provincial Museum of Kymenlaakso - Maritime Archaeology

Kotkankatu 13, FIN-48100 Kotka, Finland. "In 1948 one of the wrecks, the Russian frigate Saint Nicholas was found. That event meant the actual beginning and further development of Finnish underwater research. The excavation work was carried out from the1940s and the 1950s by local divers and from 1960s to 1980s it was done under the supervision of the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Provincial Museum of Kymenlaakso." Обзорная информация.


Foteviken Museum

Box 82, 236 21 Höllviken, Sweden. Tel +46-40-45 68 40, fax +46-40-45 55 07. Все о викингах, в т.ч. проекты постройка копий древних кораблей.

Goteborgs maritima centrum

Информация для туристов.

Kalmar County Museum

Box104, S-391 21 KALMAR, Sweden. Skeppsbrogatan 51 (Еngkvarnen). Tel: +46-(0)480 45 13 00 Fax: +46-(0)480-45 13 65. Выставка находок с места крушения корабля "Kronan" (1676 г.), исследования, сотрудники.

Marinmuseum (Swedish Naval Museum)

Karlskrona, tel +46-455-539 00, fax +46-455-840 71. "The Naval Museum has a long tradition stretching back to 1752, when Adolf Fredrik, the then King of Sweden decreed, that a Ship's Model Room be established in Karlskrona, and ever since the Museum has been charged with the collection and conservation of artefacts which would document the history and development of Sweden's Navy." Выставки, исследования, сотрудники, публикации.


Lidköping. "Keeps a wreck register and displays finds from the investigations in the sweetwater Lake Vänern."


Estonian State Maritime Museum

Pikk Street, 70 Tallinn EE0001, Estonia. Tel. 6411 408, fax 6411 414. "Collections of the Museum include over 7000 objects, 15 000 documents, 30 000 photos and negatives about every kind of maritime activities. The most ancient items of the pemanent exhibition are the fishing gear made of bone and antler. Among the oldest objects are also a sailing ship's cooking pot (dated back to the 16-17th century) and a bronze cannon made in the Netherlands in 1631." На эстонск. и англ. яз., небольшая информационная страничка.



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