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Österreichische Forschungen zur Ägäischen Bronzezeit 1998

// Several contributions of different researchers in Forum Archaeologiae 8 / IX / 98

O'Baoill R., Murphy E. Newtownstewart Castle, Co.Tyrone

// Excavation of an Early Bronze Age cist burial, article

O'Brien T. Reflections on Loughcrew and Newgrange

// "We came across the Cairns at Loughcrew in 1985 quite by accident and it was to become one of the most exciting times of my life. Mary and I climbed the hill with the late September evening, sun setting at our backs. As we walked over the brow of the hill, Cairn T appeared like a mirage. It was just a large collection of stones that appeared to be haphazardly put together. We went to the front of the east side of the cairn and noticed that there was a gate left open."

O'Neale, Lida Morris (1886-1948)

Oakley, Kenneth Page (1911-1981)

Oberg N. (1888-1957)

Ocarina Books

Оnline shop for archaeoastronomy-related books since 1995

Old World Traditional Trade Routes (OWTRAD) Project

"This site is intended to support online research in the field of dromography and provide a public-access electronic archive of geo/chrono-referenced data on land, river and maritime trade routes of Eurasia and Africa during the period 10,000 BCE - circa 1820 CE.” The project is being undertaken by Dr T. Matthew Cliolek, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra. The site includes maps showing trade and communication routes for particular regions and time periods during ancient times. There are also links to useful bibliographies and search engines." Торговые пути древности. Карты, исследования, библиография.

Opler, Morris (1907-1996)

Origins of Archaeology

Scholars Read the City. "By the fourteenth century, Italian intellectuals were becoming fascinated by the physical as well as the literary relics of the ancient world. Rome, of course, had the grandest of all ruins, at which medieval pilgrims had long marvelled. The Roman in the street was happy to provide misinformation about sites and statues, but in the Renaissance, scholars began to measure, excavate, and identify the statues and buildings that had long amazed travellers." Обзор истории классической археологии на сайте Ватиканского музея.

Ortiz, Alfonso (1939-1997)

Ostfriesische Landschaft, Archäologischer Dienst

"Von der Steinzeit bis zum Mittelalter: Der Archäologische Dienst ist für die Hinterlassenschaften der Menschen aus den schriftlosen Epochen zuständig. Im Auftrag der Denkmalbehörden gibt er auf der Basis der archäologischen Landesaufnahme fachliche Stellungnahmen zu Planverfahren ab und führt ggf. Rettungsgrabungen in Ostfriesland durch. Die aktuellen Arbeitsergebnisse werden regelmäßig für die Wissenschaft und die Öffentlichkeit publiziert."

Other Romes

Christian Catacombs and Egyptian Obelisks. "Renaissance archaeologists loved Roman culture, but they were also fascinated by Rome's great, mysterious relics of ancient Egypt: the obelisks, some of them inscribed with mysterious hieroglyphs, that Roman emperors had brought across the Mediterranean." Археология эпохи Ренессанса. Обзор истории классической археологии на сайте Ватиканского музея.

Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit

Новости, конференции, исследования, вакансии

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